Kevin Maret
is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. His practice is influenced by emerging technologies and their impact on human society.

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Description: COMMODITY: deploys radical transparency and irony to unearth the free market’s conversion of natural resources through upscale single-use products.

This conceptual case study was inspired by Libby Mars’ essay “Post Authentic Sincerity”.
  • Use a cultural text to inspire a brand and product.
  • Develop a concept, message, and visual language in sync with an identified user and market.
  • Explore “appropriate” packaging options.

Packaging Design, Brand Identity
Design Concepts with Delphine Keim

Commodity: operates within a premium generic visual identity.

Credits:External material was used for the creation of student work. All rights belong to the original copyright holders.
Sattelite Imagery sourced from NASA Worldview and Image Observatory.

Type in use:Nimbus Sans by URW++