Kevin Maret
is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. His practice is influenced by emerging technologies and their impact on human society.

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Carbon Black System Opaque

Description:This dynamic solo-show proposal for contemporary artist Sandra Mujinga unites extensive curatorial research with a blurring visual identity.
  • Develop an informed theoretical lens for curation.
  • Identify a gallery space to accommodate works.
  • Create a cohesive event identity to engage audience.

Exhibition Design, Event Promotion, Art Curation Experiential Concepts with Dave Gottwald

Sandra Mujinga, Spectral Keepers, 2020 (in-situ)

Sandra Mujinga, Ghosting, 2019 (in-situ)

Sandra Mujinga, Stretched Delays (1-3) , 2017 (in-situ)
Sandra Mujinga, Thank You for Remembering (1-3), 2017 (in-situ)

Sandra Mujinga, Camouflage Waves (1-3), 2018 (in-situ)
Credits:External material was used for the creation of student work. All rights belong to the original copyright holders. 

Type in use:Aktiv Grotesk by Dalton Maag

IRL Conference